Monday, November 2, 2009


As a parent I sometimes make mistakes. Whew!! Got that off of my chest. How about you? I sometimes feel as though my parenting style is trial and error. Kind of like, "well that didn't work so well." Case in point, the other night.

I went with some friends to a local High School to "trick or treat" with my kids. I didn't know what to expect. Well, I guess we should have skipped that trip. My kids are very sensitive and did not like the amount of "fright" and "darkness" that were a part of the atmosphere. I thought it should have been toned down for the kids but I guess that didn't ask me. Seems as though if your child hasn't been desensitized to this kind of stuff it is pretty scary. I am glad that my kids and I were able to talk about this trip, but I am sorry that I took them and they got scared.

As a parent I must protect my children and look out for their best interest, but sometimes as a parent I am going to make the wrong choice. It is then when I can ask them to forgive me and try to do better the next time. Maybe parenting is supposed to be a process and not an event. When I decided that me and my house would serve the Lord I guess I didn't take into account my shortcomings. Well, gotta get back up and stay true to my decision to serve the Lord, how about you?

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