Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's It Take to Be a Champion

I am a die hard Phillies fan and I was disappointed when they lost last night. Oh well, at least its not the end of the world. Life will go on. This got me to think about what it takes to be a winner. Here is my take on the subject.

1. Practice: there is no way we will overcome without having a regular regiment of exercise and team building skills.

2. Proper Thinking: if you constantly run yourself down and others around you, you will never get above your own expectations (low) that you have set for yourself.

3. Positive Performance: There is nothing like watching somebody so effortlessly using their talents. I think of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and how they used to work together so well to win football games. They were winners on and off the field. Let us strive to be these kind of people.

A shout out to the Philadelphia Phillies for a great season and a great series, we are proud of you. Who knows what will happen next year.

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