Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Valentine Fun

I just received this today from Dave Ramsey. I wanted to share this with you.

Worst Valentine's Dates
They are the kind of date stories that you’d think would only happen on a bad episode of The Bachelor . Inappropriate or embarrassing comments, bad dinner locations and weird social events—and that’s just for starters.

Jill in Pennsylvania, one of our members, decided to get the party started by asking other members about their worst dates ever. Check out the responses!

Show The Glove
I once went out with a guy who asked me out on a date—TO WATCH HIM SPAR AT THE GYM! —Elizabeth in Ohio

Hairy Situation
I went on a blind date to a diner with this guy. On the surface, he seemed pretty nice. After eating and while we were casually chatting, he looked at me and said a few things which pretty much told me I would never see him again.

One of which was, “Your hair is so long I could tie you up with it.” Bye bye now! —Nancy in Alabama

The Other Team
Some friends I had in college were very actively involved in introducing me to available women they knew.

On one date, I spent the evening doing my best to make a connection with this woman. I thought we hit it off fairly well and said so at the subsequent "review" with my friends that always followed these encounters. Then I found out that her reaction to me was something along the lines of, "He's nice enough, but I really prefer women." —Keith in Michigan

Prom Flop
I went to my prom with the son of my mom's friends. On the 35-mile trip there, the headlights on his car went out, and I spent the trip hanging out of the passenger window, shining a hand-held shop/floodlight on the road. This was after having been to the salon earlier that day.

I pretty much ditched him once we got to the dance and spent a while in the ladies’ room attempting repairs to my dress and hair.

Afterward, a bunch of my friends decided to go out for Chinese. There were a dozen or so of us crammed into a big booth. My date ate a ton, then proceeded to barf right onto the table. You can probably imagine the scene: shrieking girls, freaked-out guys, and my date admitting sheepishly, "I don't like Chinese food."

To put the final blessing on the evening, he then proceeded to get lost getting out of town to take me home. He actually called me the next week and invited me to his prom. I declined.
—Julie in Tennessee

Highs And Lows
I was 24 years old and I asked a friend about a specific guy. She said, "Oh yeah, he's very reliable." So we went out.

While at dinner, he told me he was working on his resume, and he did not know what to do with the four-year gap where he was selling drugs full time. He thought he should say he was in a coma. (When my friend said “very reliable,” she assumed I was inquiring about him as a drug dealer, not a date. I was horrified.)

I should've walked out at that time, but I was young and too polite.

The subject of parents came up, and I mentioned that my father died of lung cancer when I was 21. He laughed at that. I was speechless.

He tried to walk me home. I managed to get rid of him a few blocks from my apartment so he wouldn’t know where I lived. Upon parting, he said to me, "I would love to kiss you goodnight, but I have this crop of sores in my mouth, and until my doctor diagnoses them, I probably should be careful not to spread any germs. How about a makeout session next week?"

Traumatized! —Susan in Ontario


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