Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Planted Firmly

Psalms chapter one extols the virtue of the man (or woman) that walks with God. The Bible says that the one who walks with God is "firmly planted." Let me explain what I mean.

I heard a story of a man that lived his life like he wanted, until he had cancer. From that day on he lived in pain and agony. His wealth couldn't buy him health or freedom from pain. In his last conversation with his brother, he told his brother that he will have to bury him under a shade tree because it was getting hot in the room. The temperature in the room was 70 degrees. He kept repeating that it was getting hot and that he really needed some relief. He died without that relief, as a matter of fact he was being ushered into Hell and began to feel the intense. This man would be planted in the ground and separated from God forever because he chose to deny the gift of eternal life.
Fast forward many years the brother now has contracted cancer and when he was diagnosed with cancer he immediately went to church to make  Jesus the leader of his life and the forgiver of his sins. This man died two years later. He was firmly planted in God's Word and is now in the presence of  Jesus Christ.

It's your choice. Will you be planted firmly in God's Word here on this earth and make Heaven your home? Or will your body be planted 6ft in the ground, and your soul in everlasting torment? Those that are planted firmly in God's Word will be in the presence of Jesus forever.

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