Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knowing the Future?

Do we really want to know the future? We say we do, but what we mean is that we want to know the winning lottery number, or who we will marry. We want to know when we will get a better paying job. Truth is we don't want to know the future, just the good part of the future.

We are really not that different from the baker found in Genesis 40:16. He had just heard Joseph give the interpretation for the butler's dream, and he told Joseph his dream. The baker was expecting good news, but instead he got the truth.

As Christians we should not desire to know the future, but rather know the one who holds the future. It is better to have someone walk with us through the next tough time, rather than fearing the inevitable. The Lord wants us to trust Him, no matter what happens. God will be with us, and never leave us alone.

Today I challenge you to give Jesus all of your tomorrows. He has big enough shoulders, and He knows the future.


  1. Awesome post, and way to put it in perspective.

    Love reading your little nuggets of insights on how to better our relationship with Jesus.