Monday, January 10, 2011

Alternate Ending?

When I was reading Genesis 35:28-29 I wondered how things might have been different for Jacob and Esau. The Bible says that Isaac was 180 years old and his sons Esau and Jacob buried him. If you remember in Genesis 27 Isaac called Esau and told him that he was soon to die and he wanted to bless him. Isaac was 80 at the time. You know the story Jacob tricks Isaac and steals the blessing that belonged to Esau.

Esau of course finds out and Jacob has a convenient escape to Uncle Laban's. Time passes by and word comes to Jacob that Esau is coming to meet him as recorded in Genesis 32. No doubt Jacob is thinking that his life is about to end, but then he did something that changed his life. He wrestled with an angel (a pre-incarnate form of Christ).

After he wrestled the angel, the angel blessed him and told him that his name would be Israel a prince with God. Now fast-forward many years and we see brothers reunited.

"Isaac lived 180 years. He took his last breath and died,... his sons Esau and Jacob buried him." (Genesis 35:28-29). God is in the business of putting families back together, what about your family?

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