Monday, August 9, 2010

Storms: Destruction or Destiny

Today as I was reading Jonah chapter one verses 15 and 17 I had a thought.
  • Was the storm sent by God?
  • Was the storm for Jonah's destruction or destiny?
  • Does it ever do us any good to run from God?
Let me share with you what I wrote in the margin of my Bible. When God is int he midst of your storm, the storm is not for your destruction, but your destiny!


  1. Thanks for sharing that, it is nice after living with you for almost 2 weeks, to still see your inspiration, and your positive attitude in your writings.


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  3. Storms: Deborah as a prophet used one to defeat and army. God told Job he stores them up for such occasions. Currently Allah is judging Pakistan with one and every Muslim knows it as it is Ramadan. Jesus- even the winds and the waves obey him. In Revelation 2 prophets take control of the weather. Brother have faith- you need to at some stage aggressively change the weather, You Will!

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