Monday, August 30, 2010

My Lawyer

I have a lawyer on retainer who has never lost a case. He is such a good lawyer that he paid personally to have my record of wrongdoings expunged. He is well known and most of my friends have the same lawyer. It almost seems unfair, but the judge assigned to my case is His Father. This Father loves his Son. I know you are already way ahead of me. By now you know that I am talking about Jesus Christ who is my advocate, counsel and the one who is favored by the Great Judge.

In Job 16:19-20 Job describes that consolation he has because he has the same lawyer
  • "My witness is in Heaven."
  • "My advocate is on high."
  • "My intercessor is my friend."
Do you know Him? Who is fighting your battles? Better make sure that your lawyer has never lost a case.

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