Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"You Made God Cry!"

Today I was at the Middle School when one young man said to a friend, "you made God cry, you stepped on the Bible." The other young person was visibly upset, even in jest the idea of stepping on a Bible was not a pleasant thought. I was standing near by and felt I needed to say something. So I said "the Bible is only a book, but what makes God cry is when we do things to hurt Him. One young man asked "how do we hurt God?" I said "we hurt God when we do things that He knows will cause us pain." What an opportunity.

I thank God for an open door, and I can tell you it all started with chocolate chip cookies. My wife and I with the permission of the school administration hand out cookies on Tuesday's to build relationship with students at the Middle School. This is just what we were hoping for, please keep us in your prayers. Blessings


  1. I wish you freaks would stop indoctrinating children to your sick masochistic religion. The world is slowly waking to the absolute nonsense of wizards, deities, magic, child bearing virgins and twisted death fetishists and I wish you would leave the children alone to make up their own minds.