Friday, March 26, 2010


My daughter turned 13 this week. Just a few observations from my daughter

  • Dad I get to ride in the front seat now
  • Dad I can stay up later, right?
  • Dad can I watch PG13 movies now?

Since my daughter turned 13. Just a few observations from me

  • Wow, where did the time go?
  • What a beautiful daughter I have
  • Only 5 more years till she graduates

Turning 13 is the official mark of the teen years, and it is also a time for reflection. I know it sounds trite but love your kids while you can, because they grow up too fast. My daughter has grown these last thirteen years, have I? Well, just ask my daughter.


  1. Thanks for sharing this about your daughter. I know just how fast our kids grow up. Before my wife and I knew it, all of our boys were grown with families of their own. But now we have grandkids to enjoy. God bless, Lloyd

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  3. Yeah... Spencer is hoping to turn "5 then 13"... Thanks for being great hosts... you worked too hard to care for us... I hope we can reciprocate.

  4. I can't wait 'till I'm 13...
    Tell her I can't wait 'till I can ride in the front seat.