Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Latest

Lately I have been in and out of the office. We had some damage in our church due to ice damming. The crew is here today, and we are getting ready for the first of two Christmas productions. I have been thinking.

Have you ever had the ridiculous idea that you were fit to do whatever was asked of you? Well maybe it comes with age, but I realize I can't do everything. There are certain things that fit me well, but others are a real struggle for me. Not only that but I don't have the gift mix for them. For instance I took a gifts assessment and scored "0" on Craftsmanship. For those who know me, that will come as no surprise. "What end of the hammer do you use?" Just kidding.

Here is what I have determined to do. I want to thank God for the gifts He has given to me, and use them to bless others. Maybe, then I can get somebody to fix this roof. Blessings

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