Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hand of God

King Asa has been the focus of my daily reading lately. He was a man of changing values. First he is faithfully serving God, then later in life he is bargaining with the enemy against his own people. He even mistreated the servant of God who brought a message from God.

Asa bargained with the enemy and the Lord spoke through Hanani that Asa had sinned because he did not rely on God but on the King of Aram for protection. You might think that Asa would have repented and made things right. No he didn't. Here is what the Lord said to him through the prophet Hanani as found in 2 Chronicles 16:7-10.

  • Because you relied on man and not God, the enemy of God has escaped from your hand.
  • Because you forgot how the Lord delivered you in the past you will be at war with your enemies.
  • Because you were not fully committed in your heart to the Lord you will not be strengthened to fight your enemies.
Asa had done a foolish thing by relying on man and not God. It is still the same today. God is looking for people who are committed to Him. Those who are committed to Him can expect to see the hand of God revealed in their lives.

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