Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't Bargain with Your Enemy

This morning I read the account of King Asa as he made a treaty with an enemy king. The interesting thing was that he hired the king of Aram to destroy his fellow Israelites. You can read about this in 2 Chronicles 16:1-3. There are three things that I want to point out about this story.

1. Asa thought that the money in the treasury was for his personal use. (He hired Aram to fight Baasha King of Israel)

2. Asa consulted the King of Aram before he consulted the Lord.

3. Asa thought he could buy his way out of trouble.

Is there ever a time that we should work together with the enemy to destroy our own flesh and blood? The answer is no.

Let us remember that people are not our real enemy, but our enemy is the devil himself.

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